Steel Partitioning

Why steel partitioning?

When you need to separate an area or if you want improve security, an ideal solution is Mesh or Steel partitioning. It is not only cost effective but it serves a very practical purpose too. Steel partitioning comes in a variety of options to suit any business including standard mesh and single steel skin partitioning system for production & warehouse environments and double steel skin system for industrial, commercial, retail, office or clean-room environments.

The panels come in different parts so can have multiple applications, allowing the construction of high-quality enclosures for stores, inspection rooms, data centres and many other facilities.

The pre-fabricated sections are designed so they can be erected very easily. Because there are few parts are involved the systems become quick and easy to install and can also be fully relocated at a later date if required.

  • Why steel partitioning?
  • Why steel partitioning?