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Single Skin Steel Partitioning

Steel Partitioning

Single Skin Steel Partitioning

Troax Sabre / Single Skin Steel Partitioning

Sabre steel partitioning: Modular and flexible for factory, warehouse and storage environments.

Sabre is a single skin steel partitioning system ideal for factory and warehouse environments.

The system is a modular, demountable panel system that can be used for a variety of applications within a warehouse or factory environment.

It is ideal for enclosing working areas where appearance is important but without the extra cost of a double skin system.

In a multi-tiered application, it can be used as factory or warehouse division for reasons such as security, dust-proofing and environmental control.

Other applications include perimeter guarding to automated machinery, robots, conveyors and other automated processes.


All panels are supplied with a TGIC and lead free powder coat, to an average thickness of 70 microns. Partitioning is available in Sandstone BS.08.B.17, Grey BS.0.A.05, Grey RAL 7037 or White RAL9010. However, non-standard and corporate colours are available upon request.

  • Single Skin Steel Partitioning
  • Single Skin Steel Partitioning